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Learn how Sciomics supports COVID-19 research


Accelerated research is the best opportunity to increase the understanding of COVID-19 disease and efficiently fighting the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Testing multiple proteins in parallel accelerates your research and enables in-depth insights regarding the underlying molecular mechanisms.


Learn here how multiplex protein profiling can support your COVID-19 research. All information is also available as a pdf.



   Immune Response Profiling & Biomarker Discovery

> Immune Response Profiling

Explore how the immune system reacts to a SARS-CoV-2 infection in different age groups, risk groups and certain individuals. Are there common mechanisms which can be used for preventing severe disease ?  A parallel profiling of 121 cytokines / chemokines and 141 cell surface markers can provide novel insights. Such analyses are possible from patient samples (plasma / serum), cell culture as well as animal models.

> Disease Severity biomarkers for COVID-19

Discover new biomarkers for COVID-19 patient stratification, early prevention and improvement of disease management by multiplex screens from plasma or serum samples.
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> Outcome Prediction after positive SARS-CoV-2 test

Identify risk factors and correlating protein biomarkers indicating severe COVID-19 progression for improved disease management.
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    Development of therapeutics against COVID-19

> Benchmarking of Therapeutics & Drug Repurposing

Accelerate your COVID-19 research by assessing pathway activity, early toxicology and mechanisms of action for an efficient benchmarking of compounds or drug repurposing candidates.
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> Therapy Response biomarkers

Identify predictive biomarkers for your COVID-19 drug candidate to stratify responders from non-responders
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   Development of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2

> SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development

In-depth analysis of responses to vaccine candidates from animal and patient samples. Analyses are possible from plasma / serum samples or from purified immune cells.
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> Profiling of animal models

Characterize response in different model organisms (mouse, rat and more) for your SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development
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> Screening of viral SARS-CoV-2 epitopes

Analyse the antibody response to different vaccine candidates in animal models and patients using plasma/serum samples.
Analyse serum samples from COVID-19 patients to identify highly immunogenic epitopes.


   Assays available

scioCD - 121 cytokines and 141 CD cell surface markers for immune profiling

Parallel profiling of 121 cytokines / chemokines and 141 CD cell surface markers from plasma/serum, immune cells or tissue samples.

scioDiscover - screening of 1,300 proteins in parallel

The protein panel for biomarker discovery on plasma/serum, cell or tissue samples include

  • inflammatory mediators
  • immune checkpoint molecules
  • immune cells markers
  • soluble proteins
  • membrane/receptor proteins
  • intracellular proteins

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scioPhospho - combined phosphorylation and expression profiling of 1,300 proteins

Combine a scioDiscover screen with information on phosphorylation status for all 1,300 proteins in one assay. Typical applications are mode-of-action studies, pathway activity profiling or mechanistic understanding of disease as well as therapeutic response.
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Common assay specifications

  • Minimal sample amount required (20 µL plasma/serum, 500,000 cells, 10mg of tissue)
  • Complete analysis service from sample to study report
  • All assays can be complemented by a SARS-CoV-2 proteome wide peptide array < more information >


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Target Identification

Identify the target(s) of your compound and pathways affected with antibody microarray technology

You identified a compound with the desired effect ?

You are looking for its target(s) ?

Are additional pathways affected ?

Antibody microarrays are an efficient tool to screen for targets and pathways affected by a compound or treatment. You will get the whole picture of protein expression for one or multiple pathways.

Biomarker Studies

Use the approriate tool for your biomarker study. With a highly parallel testing you increase the probability to identify a suitable biomarker candidate.

Are you interested in diagnostic, prognostic or predictive protein biomarkers ?

Are you challenged to select appropriate candidates from a pilot study, from experiments using mass spectrometry or from literature searches ?

Are your samples extremely valuable and you would like to minimize the amount needed for a screening or verification study ?


Antibody microarrays offer a robust technology for biomarker screening or a verification of multiple biomarker candidates in parallel. Only minute amounts of sample, as little as 15-20µL plasma are needed and the sensitivity of this technology is as high as in ELISA.

With antibody arrays you consume less of your valuable samples and increase the probability of identifying a suitable biomarker candidate by using parallel analysis.

Sequencing Data and Protein Expression

Antibody microarrays enable you to correlate your next generation sequencing data with protein expression levels.hits on 

You have a wealth of results from next generation sequencing experiments. Now you would like to know whether the alteration on DNA level has an impact on the phenotype or the level of protein expression, protein interaction partners and downstream elements? Does the mutation have therapeutic potential?

With antibody microarrays, you can investigate hundreds of your hits and their interaction partners in parallel with a minimal amount of sample.

Contact us, to connect your sequencing data with knowledge on protein expression.

Profiling of pathways

Pathways can be easily profiled with antibody microarrays.Do you suspect that a certain pathway is involved in your system?

Have you identified a specific protein is regulated in a signal cascade and you are interested in the expression of its up- or downstream partners ?

Would you like to assess the impact of a certain compound on a pathway using cell culture or an animal model ?

Antibody microarays will help you to get the whole picture of protein expression levels in just a single experiment. By parallel protein analyses with antibody arrays, you can get information on the expression of all proteins in one or multiple pathways. Please contact us to learn more about pathway specific protein profiling.