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"Sciomics Antibody Microarray really helped us to move forward"


José Pedro Castro, PhD

German Instiute of Human Nutrition (DIfE), Potsdam-Rehbrücke, Germany

"I am more than pleased to recommend Sciomics Antibody Microarray analysis service. We used it to compare differentiating from non-differentiating cells and it was a precious help which allowed us to understand the different phenotypes. The results were sent fast and ready to publish ! Their availability to clarify doubts was simply outstanding. Christoph, Ronny and their team are well prepared to assist in designing the experiments in order to get the maximum of the array. If I hit a road block in my experiments, I am sure that their services will help me go through."

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"Wir haben unser Ziel zu vollkommener Zufriedenheit erreichen können"

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gorenflo

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Zentrum für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, Pädiatrische Kardiologie & Angeborene Herzfehler, Heidelberg, Germany

"Mit Hilfe von Sciomics haben wir unser Ziel, Informationen über die Veränderungen im Herzgewebe von unserem Schaf-Modell  auf Proteinebene zu erhalten, zu vollkommener Zufriedenheit erreichen können. Innerhalb weniger Tage haben die Ergebnisse vorgelegen. Auf Basis dieser Daten können wir nun die Pathomechanismen im rechten Herzen besser verstehen und weiter untersuchen."

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"Impressive protein profiling service and great communication"

Dr. Andreas Vogt

Assay Development, Bioassay - Labor für biologische Analytik GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

"For our company, Sciomics did their scioDiscover-Protein Expression Level Profiling Service on our special drug-treated and untreated neuronal cells. What we appreciated most about working with Sciomics was the intensive communication on design of experiments and sample preparation. Their nicely and professionally presented report provided us some new candidates for a drug-specific up and downregulation, respectively of possible key proteins in our treated and untreated cells."

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"This has undoubtedly opened new avenues in our research"

Leonardo Guasti, PhD about Sciomics: This has undoubtedly opened new avenues in our research

Leonardo Guasti, PhD

Barts and The London, Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, United Kingdom

"With the Sciomics protein profiling platform we were able to characterise markers which are differently expressed in our newly generated steroidogenic cells from urine, blood and skin. This has undoubtedly opened new avenues in our research. We have found the Sciomics team to be extremely helpful and efficient during the whole process, from advising the best strategy to the final interpretation of results."

Product: scioDiscover service

Publication: Cell Rep. 2018; 22(5):1236-1249.