scioCD - Cell surface marker and Cytokine profiling_v2


Characterise a certain cell type ?


Cell composition in a certain tissue sample ?


In-depth profiling of CD-marker expression ?


Increase your throughput at high sensitivity levels ?

You aim at high reproducibility ?



Our scioCD profiling service covers 206 different proteins by monoclonal antibodies:

All these proteins can be analysed in parallel within a single experiment from minute sample amounts. Thereby, scioCD antibody array analysis service is ideally suited to investigate cell composition of tissues or the differentiation status of cultured cells in a highly parallel, fast and robust fashion. In addition, protein distribution in blood samples (plasma / serum) can be analysed efficiently, providing insights in the blood cell composition.

Combining analysis of signalling and cellular receptor proteins provides in-depth insights into signal transduction processes
Proteins profiled in parallel by scioCD antibody microarray and their interactions

scioCD is a complete sample-to-result service for a variety of different sample types. The respective protocols were developed over a period of 15 years and are optimised towards highest possible sensitivity combined with high reproducibility (coefficients of variation below 10%).









  • profiling of cell differentiation status
  • stem cell differentiation 
  • investigate soluble CD-molecules for e.g. allograft rejection
  • inflammatory response profiling
  • immuno-oncology profiling of check-point inhibitor targets
  • characterisation of tissue-isolated primary cells
  • immune-cell surface marker profiling on
    • various B-cells 
    • stimulated T-cells
    • patient derived T-cells
    • patient derived dendritic cells
  • oncology profiling for new biomarkers e.g. Leukemia
  • tumor micro-environment profiling
  • profile response to stimuli of cell lines
  • evaluate protein expression changes in silencing/overexpression  experiments


  • high content - 206 proteins are analysed with monoclonal antibodies
  • broad coverage and parallel analysis of
    • 129 CD molecules 
    • 54 cytokines and chemokines
    • 23 other relevant molecules (HLAs, p53)
  • minimal sample requirements
  • native matrixes ( non-fractionated / non-depleted )
  • sensitivity as ELISA or better
  • fully immuno-based assay
  • reliable dual-colour study design
  • high reproducibility, CV < 10%
  • most proteins are covered redundantly by two or more antibodies
  • each antibody is presented in four replicates
  • antibodies are available for follow-up studies


Which sample types can be analysed ?

Within our scioCD analysis service the following samples can be analysed:

  • plasma / serum
  • fresh frozen tissue samples
  • cellular content
  • cell culture supernatant
  • cerebrospinal fluid
  • additional sample types on request


Sample-to-result service

Within the analysis service, we will not only carry out the microarray experiments but also support you with a suggestion for an appropriate microarray study design as well as with the sample selection process in order to address your scientific question in the optimal way. Within 3-4 weeks after receipt of your samples you will receive a customised study report including a statistical analysis.

Our analysis service includes:

  • definition of an appropriate study design
  • sample preparation
  • protein extraction
  • protein concentration measurements
  • protein quality control
  • sample labelling
  • sample purification
  • incubation of the samples on antibody microarrays
  • microarray scanning
  • raw data acquisition
  • data normalisation
  • data analysis including cluster analysis
  • statistical testing for differentially abundant proteins
  • comprehensive study report

Your Microarray Experiment - our  Experience and Infrastructure

Whenever you want to set up your microarray experiments and might feel the need for advise or expert know-how, Sciomics is your partner with scientific knowledge in microarray development. We are fully equipped with high-end instrumentation and have more than ten years of experience in robust microarray applications to support your Genomics, Transcriptomics or Proteomics studies.


We offer:

  • Microarray development and production
  • Microarray spotting / manufacturing
  • Quality control for all types of microarrays
  • Study design according to your requirements
  • Sample preparation and purification
  • Sample labelling
  • Fully-automated Microarray incubation and washing
  • Microarray scanning and data acquisition
  • Spot recognition
  • Data analysis personalised to your needs



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