scioSpec - Antibody Specificity Assessment

Be sure that your antibody is fit for your application. Profile your therapeutic or diagnostic antibody against more than 9000 human proteins. Have a comprehensive cross-reactivity and off-target reactivity profile at hand. Our comprehensive antibody specificity screening service offers you a tailored study design, experimental conditions according to your requirements as well as comprehensive data and statistical analysis. Benefit from our long-standing experience in the microarray field and robust, fully-automated experimental workflows. 



  • Comprehensive sample-to-result analysis service including data analysis
  • Comprehensive data analysis and report formats available
  • Customer specific Study Design Service available 
  • Fully automated experimental procedures
  • Highly parallel screening against more than 9.000 human proteins
  • Proteins carry eukaryotic post translational modifications (PTM)
  • All protein classes covered within the analysis



  • Comprehensive therapeutic and diagnostic antibody specificity/reactivity profiling
  • Profile off-target interactions and cross reactions of your antibody
  • Profile interactions with related proteins (e.g. kinases, cell surface proteins, CD marker)
  • Determine therapeutically relevant interactions



Overview of protein classes covered within the analysis service:

Download complete protein content list here

Protein Class

No. on array

Protein kinases (unique)


Protein kinases (including domains, splice variants and mutants)


Transcription factors


Membrane protins


Nuclear proteins


Signal transduction


Secreted proteins


Cell communication




Cell death


Protease/peptidase activity


Please note: Protein classes may overlap.


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Your Microarray Experiment - our  Experience and Infrastructure

Whenever you want to set up your microarray experiments and might feel the need for advise or expert know-how, Sciomics is your partner with scientific knowledge in microarray development. We are fully equipped with high-end instrumentation and have more than ten years of experience in robust microarray applications to support your Genomics, Transcriptomics or Proteomics studies.


We offer:

  • Microarray development and production
  • Microarray spotting / manufacturing
  • Quality control for all types of microarrays
  • Study design according to your requirements
  • Sample preparation and purification
  • Sample labelling
  • Fully-automated Microarray incubation and washing
  • Microarray scanning and data acquisition
  • Spot recognition
  • Data analysis personalised to your needs



 Get in touch with us for further information.