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Our protein biomarker discovery and development pipeline

Precison Medicine - Select the right therapy for each patient
Our unique antibody microarray platform reduces costs and attrition rates in protein biomarker identification and verification projects.
Thereby, we were able to establish a broad biomarker development pipeline for oncological indications as well as organ failure. Our protein biomarker signatures aim at a precise and detailed diagnosis for patient stratification in order to adapt the therapy exactly to the patient needs.



Our comprehensive protein profiling services

Sciomics offers a profound analysis of your protein profiling study. A study report contains cluster analysis, hierarchical clustering, principal compnent analysis, heatmaps, volcano plots. Additional analysis options such as mapping protein abundance and posttranslational modifications in pathways are available on request. Next to our internal development activities, we offer our customers scientific high-content protein profiling services. The analyses are usually based on our fixed content array portfolio (scioCyto, scioCD, scioDiscover) or custom protein arrays (scioSpot) are produced. The measurement of the abundance of more than 1,000 proteins can extended by a parallel analysis of the phosphorylation status (scioPhospho) or the ubiquitinylation status (scioUbi).
Typical applications of our customers are
  • Biomarker discovery and verification studies
  • Drug target discovery and verification
  • Mode-of-Action Analysis
  • Pre-clinical assessment of novel compounds
  • Characterization and selection of cell culture or animal models
  • Pathway profiling and pathway activity analysis
  • Cytokine profiling
  • Immune response profiling

Our service portfolio

scioPhospho: protein profiling and phosphorylation status

scioPhospho: protein profiling and phosphorylation status

scioPhospho combines the advantages of a robust and cost-efficient protein expression profiling using scioDiscover with information on phosphorylation status. This combination provides a comprehensive overview on signalling events and pathway activity regulation. Features 1030 highly relevant proteins are profiled in a single assay Phosphorylation status combined with protein expression levels…
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scioDiscover - Protein Profiling on expression level

scioDiscover - Protein Profiling on expression level

Knowledge about protein expression levels is of utmost importance to predict toxic effects, estimate adverse effects of drug candidates and to identify new drug targets. Sciomics has a highly optimised…
scioCD - Cell surface marker and Cytokine profiling

scioCD - Cell surface marker and Cytokine profiling

Characterise a certain cell type ? Cell composition in a certain tissue sample ? In-depth profiling of CD-marker expression ? Increase your throughput at high sensitivity levels ? You aim…
scioSpot - Microarray Production

scioSpot - Microarray Production

Microarrays - tailor-made for you. With more than 10 years of experience, Sciomics is the ideal partner for designing and printing your antibody-, protein-, peptide- or DNA/RNA chips. Benefit from…


Cytokine profiling scioCyto is a high-content analysis service for cytokine and chemokine profiling.A great variety of samples such as plasma, tissue or cells can be used in this robust assay…
Cytokines and chemokines analyzed with scioCyto

Cytokines and chemokines analyzed with scioCyto

  Analyze 54 cytokines and chemokines in parallel Uniprot Entry HGNC Gene names (synonym) Uniprot ID Protein names CCL2_HUMAN CCL2 MCP1, SCYA2 P13500 C-C motif chemokine 2 (HC11) (Monocyte chemoattractant…


New article | Activated Eosinophils Exert Antitumorigenic Activities in Colorectal Cancer

| Jan 2019 | In the article, scientists at Tel Aviv University used our scioDiscover platform to analyse tumor-associated eosinophils in colorectal cancer. The full article is published in Cancer Immunology Research.


New article | Macrophage-derived IL-1β and TNF-α regulate arginine metabolism in neuroblastoma

| Decembre 2018 | Study by our collaborator Dr Francis Mussai at University of Birmingham suggests arginine metabolism as a target for neuroblastoma therapy. At Sciomics we are proud of having contributed to this exciting study by a scioDiscover protein profiling study. The article is published in Cancer Research.


New article | Protection from ischemia reperfusion injury-induced inflammation and fibrosis in C5aR2-deficient mice

| June 2018 | Complement component 5a receptor 2 (C5AR2) deficient mice are protected from inflammation and fibrosis in response to ischemia reperfusion injury. Our scioPhospho platform supported scientists at the Medical School Hannover to elucidate the underlying mechanism. The data were recently published in Kidney International.


New article | Modeling Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Testing Interventions for Adrenal Insufficiency Using Donor-Specific Reprogrammed Cells

| January 2018 | A scioDiscover protein microarray study contributed to an article in Cell Reports. In this study Gerard Ruiz-Babot et al. analysed a donor specific reprogramming of cells.

Customer testimonial Leonardo Guasti, PhD (senior author):

This has undoubtedly opened new avenues in our research. We have found the Sciomics team to be extremely helpful and efficient during the whole process, from advising the best strategy to the final interpretation of results.

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A glas full of hope | Ein Glas Hoffnung

| January 2018 | Article on the StartUp Sciomics and our antibody microarray platform by our partner SCHOTT nexterion.

> English version "A glass full of hope"

> Deutsche Version "Ein Glas Hoffnung"

New article | Role of Corneal Stromal Cells on Epithelial Cell Function during Wound Healing

| February 2018 | Researchers at Rostock University Medical Center published an article on the role of Corneal Stromal Cells on Epithelial Cell Function during Wound Healing in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

> Customer Testimonial Bhavani Kowtharapu:

"I am really happy with service of Sciomics. Very friendly team and really fast service and we have the results in our hand including bioinformatics analysis within 2 weeks. Thank you Sciomics team."

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Research | Participation in collaborative clinical studies for the treatment of MCDS

| January 2018 | The multinational consortium MCDS-therapy has been granted 5.7 Million Euro by the European Commission for the development of novel therapeutic approaches in rare skeletal disorders. Sciomics' expertise with the antibody microarray technology herein serves as a valuable tool for biomarker identification and personalized treatment monitoring. > Press release


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