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New article | Expansion of a BDCA1+CD14+ Myeloid Cell Population in Melanoma Patients May Attenuate the Efficacy of Dendritic Cell Vaccines.

| July 2016 | One of our customer projects was published in Cancer Research. In this study Bakdash et al. analysed the expansion of a BDCA1+CD14+ myeloid cell population in the context of immune therapy of melanoma. Within this study a protein profiling of cellular patient samples was performed with scioCD antibody arrays.

Interview | Advanced Biomarkers for Precision Medicine

New article | Analysis of the blood protein profile in B-cell lymphoma patients

| 12.12.2013 | There is a new article in the current issue of Proteomics Clinical Applications on an analysis of the blood protein profile of different B-cell lymphoma using complex antibody microarrays. 200 blood samples from patients with Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma (DLBCL), Follicular Lymphoma (FL), Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) as well as healthy controls were analysed and compared with each other. The study identified proteins with discriminating power among the different lymphoma types, as well as subgroups within each lymphoma entity.

New article | Prediction of recurrence in bladder cancer

| 08.05.2014 | In a study published in Proteomics we identified proteins with differential abundance in bladder tumours with and without a local recurrence using antibody array technology. Next to interesting differences of the two tumour subtypes from a scientific point of view, we found a protein biomarker signature with high potential for a prognosis. This could enabling urologists in future to adjust the therapy and surveillance scheme accordingly. Further validation studies are ongoing. →Case study report


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